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Bhasmam (Bhasma) are very effective ayurvedic medicinal powders prepared by the process of calcination of stones, gems, metals & minerals.

Bhasma, the ayurvedic medicine used in the treatments of chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, infertility, chronic gastritis, erectile dysfunction, ulcer, ulcerative colitis, tuberculosis, inflammatory
diseases, eczema, depression, psoriasis, bipolar disorder, cancer, hormonal problems etc.
- 5 %
Baidyanath Jhansi ABHRAK BHASMA
10 GM. (Pack of 2)
248 236
- 5 %
- 5 %
Baidyanath Jhansi AKIK PISHTI 10 GM
10 GM (Pack of 2)
234 223
- 5 %
Baidyanath Jhansi ERAND PAK
100 GM (Pack of 2)
330 314
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